Rooted in Christ. Rooted in Redford.

Sundays: 10:31am

Wednesdays: 6:31pm

We're Rooted.

A church serious about putting down roots.

Imagine a world where the church is considered an essential part of every community.

Once a bright beacon for the community, this cathedral has now gone dark and with it so has this community. With your help we can turn the lights on.

Too often we see churches become country clubs, caring more about the growth of their empire rather than being kingdom focused.

We decided long ago not to be just another church in the community but to be the communties church.

This campaign isn’t just about a Sunday or Midweek service.

It’s about recommissioning this facility, dedicating it back to GOD’S service and to serve the people of this community whether it’s a partnership with local Greek Alumni chapters or hosting community job fairs. Maybe it’s ensuring that the families in this community have access to at least one hot meal a week through our planned Mercy Kitchen and Safe Haven Homework Help Program.

Stay Connected & Follow the Progress​

We’d love to keep you updated on the progress of our project and plugged in to what we have going on.

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